Finding and inserting an image online

You can find images on the Bing websites, your personal OneDrive area, or other websites such as Facebook of Flickr.

Position the cursor at the place where you want to insert the image in the document.

From the Insert tab, go to Illustrations and click the Online Pictures button.

The Insert Pictures window appears. Use the images/IC-079.PNG and images/IC-080.PNG icons to sign in to your Facebook and/or Flickr accounts to find an image in those accounts.

To insert an image from your personal OneDrive area, click on the OneDrive - Personal option, select the image and then click Insert.

Follow the same steps to insert an image from your Facebook or Flickr accounts if you have signed in to them.

To search for an image on the Web using the Bing website, click the Search Bing field.

Type the keyword(s) to find the image you want then click the images/13i113.png button or press [Enter] to start the search.


In the example above, you can see a search for the word "nature" on the Web using the Bing website; 97 results were found. The Bing search engine initially shows just the results which match the keywords you have entered and are covered by a Creative Commons license. That means they can be used freely under certain conditions as defined by their author; the information bar advises you to check the license for your chosen image.

To view all results regardless of their license status, click Show all web results in the information bar.

To zoom in on an image, point to it then click the View Larger images/13i114.png symbol.

The chosen image appears at the centre ...