Managing headers and footers

Editing headers and footers

From the Insert tab, click either Header or Footer from the Header & Footer group, then click either Edit Header or Edit Footer.

If you are working in Print Layout view, you can also double-click in the top or bottom margin of one of the pages.

If you need to, use the Next and Previous buttons from the Navigation group to go to the header and footer zone of the required page: the Go to Header and Go to Footer buttons allow you to switch between a header and footer area.

Make any content or formatting changes you want.

Click on the Close Header and Footer button from the Close group, or double-click in the document, outside the header and footer area.

Deleting content in a header or footer

Click in a page containing the header or footer you want to delete; if you want to delete the content of a header or footer on the first page, click in the first page; if you want to delete the content of the headers or footers on pages with even or odd numbers, click in an even or odd numbered page.

Please note that headers and footers can be seen in Page view mode.

In the Insert tab, click Header or Footer, then click either RemoveHeader or Remove Footer.

Deactivating the Different First Page option and the Different Odd & Even Pages option

Go to one of the relevant headers or footers then delete its content if necessary.

Simply deactivating the headers and footers on the first page and/or even and odd numbered pages hides the corresponding headers and footers, but it does not delete ...