Modifying the outline of an object or picture

Select the object or picture.

In the Format tab, go to the Shape Styles group and open the list on the Shape Outline tool button. If an image is selected, click the Picture Border button from the Picture Styles group.


To change the outline colour, click one of the colours in the palette. The colours in the Theme Colors box are linked to the document theme (cf. Themes chapter); they will change according to the type of theme applied to the document.

Choose More Outline Colors to open the Colors dialogue box which allows you to select another colour or to customise your colours.

To change the outline weight, point to Weight and choose an option.

To change the outline style, point to Dashes and choose an option.

If your object is an Arrow, click the Arrows option and choose a style.

You can also change the outline of an object using the options in the Line category in the FormatShape pane (Format tab - Shape Styles group - images/13i10.png button - images/13i129.png icon).

To cancel the outline of an object, go to the Format tab (Shape Styles group), click Shape Outline then No Outline option.

You can also edit the outline of an object (not an image) by right-clicking the object then clicking the Outline button.
To apply the most recently used colour to the outline, click the images/ic011R.png icon which is on the left of the Shape Outline button.