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This practical guide presents in detail all the features of this new version of the popular word processor Microsoft® Word 2016. It is for anyone who wishes to discover and deepen their knowledge of all of its features. After describing the work environment including the ribbon and the File tab, you will learn to create and save your documents on your computer, a network or OneDrive (Microsoft's online storage space), and how to edit a PDF directly in Word. You will then see how to input and edit text, and use the Page Setup options to finalise and then print the document.

The next section explains in detail how to format text by applying character formatting (visual effects and OpenType features), paragraph and page formatting. To optimise your formatting, you will learn to apply a theme to the document, create styles and templates. You will go further into text management by using the search and replace functions, using the spell check, the synonyms dictionary and the translation feature.

In the next section devoted to working with long documents, you will see how to create notes and bookmarks, an outline, a table of contents, an index, a bibliography, and a master document. A Word document may contain elements other than text such as tables, graphic objects and images to which you can apply many artistic effects, as well as videos which you can watch directly in Word.

You will also see how to create a form, perform a mail merge, work with other Office applications, work with other people on the same document using the Track Changes and comments features, customise the interface, manage user accounts and create macros.
Parution : juin 2016
ISBN : 9782409002762
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