Displaying text formatting

Click in the paragraph that contains the text formatting you would like displayed, or select the relevant text.

From the Home tab, go to the Styles group and click the images/13i10.png button.

This pane lists the built-in styles and styles created by you.

Click the Style Inspector tool button images/13i59.png in the lower part of the styles pane.

The Style Inspector pane appears. It enables formatting attributes for the active paragraph or the selected text to be displayed. Use of this pane is explored in the next chapter.


Click the images/13i60.png tool button to display the Reveal Formatting pane.

A preview of the selection appears in the Selected text box. Formatting details (Font, Paragraph and Section) appear in the pane: Formatting of selected text. To see details of the Formatting of selected text, click the Reveal Formatting button at the bottom of the Style Inspector pane.

You can close the Styles pane and the Style Inspector pane by clicking the images/13i03.png tool.

You can expand or collapse the contents of a category (Font, Paragraph or Section) by clicking the images/13i61.png sign (expand) or images/13i62.png (collapse).

To display the name of the style applied to the paragraph, activate the Distinguish style source option under Options.

To apply the same formatting as the previous word to the selection, point to the Selected Text, open the list and choose Apply Formatting of Surrounding Text.

Close the Reveal Formatting task pane by clicking the images/13i03.png tool.

Activate the Show all formatting marks option in the Reveal Formatting task pane to show the non-printing characters (such as paragraph ...