Utilisation de la CLI

La console Asterisk permet d’obtenir la liste des applications disponibles sur le système.

asterisk1*CLI> core show applications

La syntaxe de chaque application est fournie également à l’aide d’une commande de la CLI.

Exemple de la syntaxe de la commande VoiceMail (Messagerie vocale) ( ) :

asterisk1*CLI> show application VoiceMail
  -= Info about application ’VoiceMail’ =-
Leave a Voicemail message
[|options])( ) : This application allows the calling 
party to leave a message for the specified list of mail-
boxes. When multiple mailboxes are specified, the 
greeting will be taken from the first mailbox specified. 
Dialplan execution will stop if the specified mail-
box does not exist.
  The Voicemail application will exit if any of the follo-
wing DTMF digits are received( ) :
    0 - Jump to the ’o’ extension in the current dialplan 
    * - Jump to the ’a’ extension in the current dialplan 
  This application will set the following channel variable 
upon completion( ) :
    VMSTATUS - This indicates the status of the execution 
of the VoiceMail application. The possible values 
Options( ) :
b    - Play the ’busy’ greeting to the calling party.
g(#) - Use the specified amount of gain when recording the 
voicemail message. The units are whole-number decibels (dB).
s    - Skip the playback of instructions for leaving a message 
to the calling ...