Creating a handwritten equation

With Word 2016, you can now create handwritten equations using a mouse or stylus.

Activate the Insert tab, then open the list from the Equation button and choose the Ink Equation button.

The ink equation editor opens:


Using the mouse or a stylus, write the equation in the Write maths here area.

A preview of the equation appears above the writing area.


Use the following tools to change the equation:


to delete part of the equation; having activated this tool, point to the item you want to delete, then click or drag over the part you want to delete.


to correct a character which has been poorly transcribed; having activated this tool, select the character or part you want to change by creating a selection box and then choose the replacement character from the list which appears.

The selected section appears in red:


to delete everything.

Once you have finished your equation, click the Insert button.

As with any other equation, you can use the tools in the Equation Tools - Design tab to make changes.