Changing cell margins in a table

This technique allows you to modify how much space separates typed text from cell borders.

Changing the margins for all of the cells in a table

Place the pointer inside the table.

From the Table Tools - Layout tab, go to the Alignment group and click Cell Margins.


Enter the new margin values in the Top, Bottom, Left and/or Right areas in the Default cell margins frame.

Click OK.

Changing the margins of one or several cells in a table

Click in the relevant cell, or select all the relevant cells by dragging them.

From the Table Tools - Layout tab, go to the Table group and click Properties.

Click the Cell tab, then Options.

Uncheck Same as the whole table, then enter the values for the new margins in the Top, BottomLeft and/or Right fields in the Cell margins frame.


Click OK twice.

Even if an entire row is not selected, the new top and bottom margin values will apply to all cells in that row.