Resizing an inserted image

Click the inserted image to select it.

Selection handles appear on the image and the contextual Format tab is active in the Ribbon.

To resize an image by distorting it, drag one of the centre handles. To resize it while maintaining the original proportions, press the [Shift] key while using the handles.

To resize two opposing sides in the same way, drag the centre handle on one side while holding down the [Ctrl] key.

This operation and the following one do not work if the image wrapping style is In Line With Text (cf. Managing objects - Changing an object’s wrapping).

To resize all four sides at the same time, drag a corner handle while holding down the [Ctrl] key.

You can also resize a picture from the Layout dialogue box: Format tab - Size category - images/13i10.png button - Size tab.

Just like an image, you can resize a video’s frame.

To specify the size of an image while maintaining its proportions, select the image then, in the Format tab, go to Size group and specify a value in the text box next to the Shape Height icon button images/13i95.png or in the one next to the Shape Width button images/13i93.png. The proportions are maintained whether you change the height or width settings.