Formatting characters

Applying bold type, italics, colour, and other attributes to characters.

These formatting settings apply to characters that have been selected or characters you enter after activating the formatting settings.

Using the mouse

If you have already entered the characters to be formatted, select them.

According to the attribute you wish to apply, go to the Home tab then, in the Font group, click one or more of the buttons:


To deactivate an attribute, click its button again.

To format the characters, you can also use the tools from the mini toolbar that appears when you select text.

The Underline list images/ic005R.png allows you to choose the underline style.

Using the keyboard

Select the characters if the text is already entered.

Use the following key combinations to apply the attributes you require:

[Ctrl] B


[Ctrl] I


[Ctrl] U


[Ctrl][Shift] D

Double underlined

[Ctrl][Shift] W

Words only underlined

[Ctrl][Shift] K


[Ctrl][Shift] +

In superscript

[Ctrl] =

In subscript

[Ctrl][Shift] H

Hidden text

To put characters into superscript, you must use the + key on the alphanumerical keyboard.

You can also format characters using the options from the Font dialogue box (Home tab - Font group - dialogue box launch button images/13i10.png - Font tab).
To see hidden text, activate the Show/Hide tool images/13iac25.png in the Paragraph group on the Home tab.
To delete all formatting, select the text then click [Ctrl][Space] or [Ctrl][Shift] Z; Clear All Formatting button images/13iac09.png in the Font group on the Home tab cancels all formatting (characters ...