Merging documents

Merging involves bringing together in the original document all the changes (text insertion and deletion, formatting changes, etc.) and comments made by other users in the other copies of that document. This is possible provided that you have activated tracking in the original document before making copies for the other users.

Click the Review tab.

Go to the Compare group and click the Compare button, then click Combine.

Specify the original document in the Original document box and the revised document in the Revised document box: click the images/13i154.png button, open the folder containing the relevant document then double-click the document name.

You can also open the corresponding list and click on the name of the relevant document.

By clicking the images/13i155.png tool you can switch between documents in the Original document and Revised document boxes.

Click the More button to display all the options from the Combine Documents dialogue box.


Define the comparison settings in the Comparison settings box; by default, all settings are checked.

The options you check will remain active until you change them again.

Under Show changes at, choose one of the following options:

Character level

Changes are displayed at character level. For example, if the word "tree" is changed to "trees", track changes will only reflect the "s".

Word level

Changes are displayed at the word level. For example, if the word "tree" is replaced with "trees" track changes will reflect the whole word, "trees". This ...