Applying a border to a page

Place the insertion point in the relevant section.

From the Design tab, go to the Page Background group and click Page Borders.

Choose the type of border you want: Box, Shadow, 3-D or Custom.

The Custom option applies a different style of border to each side of the page.

Choose the Style or Art from the corresponding lists and then select the line colour from the Color list.

If necessary, modify the thickness of the border using the Width list.

If you only wish to add borders to certain sides of the page, use the images/13i54.png, images/13i55.png, images/13i56.png and/or images/13i57.png tool buttons from the Preview pane to adjust or delete borders at the top, bottom right and left of the page.

You can also click the border in the Preview pane.


In the Apply to list, choose the part of the document to which you want to apply the border.

In the Apply to list, the This section - First page only option applies the border to the first page in the active section and the This section - All except first page option applies the border to all the pages apart from the first page.

To define the spacing between the text and the border, or between the page border and the border, click the Options button.

In Measure from, select Edge of page or Text.

Specify the spacing between the page border and border, or between the text and border using the Top, Left, Bottom and/or Right options.

To ensure the border prints correctly, make sure the space between the border and the page border is greater than the minimum margins specified by your printer.

Uncheck the Always ...