Creating a watermark

A watermark is a drawing object which is usually printed as a background to the text on all the pages of a document.

Adding a built-in watermark

By default, all of Word’s built-in watermarks are composed entirely of text. In a later section you will learn how to save custom watermarks that include text, images and/or objects.

From the Design tab, go to the Page Background group and click Watermark.


Scroll down the list and click the watermark you want to use.

The watermark is inserted on each page of the document.

You can find the list of built-in watermarks in the Building Blocks Organizer dialogue box (Insert tab - Explore Quick Parts tool images/IC-036.png - Building Blocks Organizer).

The Page Color button (Design tab - Page Background group) allows you to apply a colour, pattern, texture to the page background. The page background is visible in both Print Layout and Web Layout views. The latter view shows you how it would appear in a Web page. It is not printed.

To download a watermark from the site, go to the Design tab, Page Background group, click the Watermark button then choose More watermarks from Click one of the proposed watermarks to insert into your document. If no watermarks are available for download, you will see the message: No Online Content Available.

Adding a custom text-based watermark

You can create your own watermark.

From the Design tab, click Watermark then Custom Watermark.

The Printed Watermark dialogue box appears.

Activate the Text watermark option.

A list of options becomes available. ...