Marking a document as final

Before sharing a document with other users, you can mark it as final. This will ensure it opens as read-only and cannot be modified. This is not a security function, as any user can easily delete this setting.

Open the relevant document, make your changes, and then save them.

Click the File tab, then Info option, then Protect Document, and then click Mark as Final.

A message will appear advising you that the document will be marked as final then saved.


Click OK.

A message advises you that the document has been marked as final.


If you do not want to see this message again, check the Don’t show this message again box then click OK.

If necessary, click the images/13i25.png button to see the document and the MARKED AS FINAL information bar under the tabs; the Marked as Final images/IC-065.png icon is also visible in the status bar.

No changes can be made to the document; it is read-only.

To modify a document that is marked as final, click the Edit Anyway button located on the MARKED AS FINAL information bar: the images/IC-065.png icon disappears from the status bar.