Managing building blocks

A building block is a predefined item such as a header or footer, an AutoText entry, a page number or a table, that can be reused for all or some Word documents depending on the template in which it is saved. Some predefined building blocks are available, but you can also create your own.

In the Insert tab, go to the Text group, click the Explore Quick Parts button, then Building Blocks Organizer.


The Building Blocks Organizer dialogue box appears with the list of all the building blocks. A preview of the selected building block is displayed on the right-hand side of the dialogue box.

To sort the list of building blocks, click the header of the column you want to sort; items are sorted by ascending order.

In the previous example, the list of building blocks is sorted by ascending gallery order.

To edit the properties of a building block, select it in the list and click Edit Properties. Modify the properties as required, click OK, then click Yes on the message asking you to redefine a building block entry.

For more information on building block properties, refer to one of the headings dealing with saving a building block, such as Managing headers and footers, in the Page layout chapter.

To delete a building block, select it in the list, click the Delete button, and then click Yes on the confirmation message.

When you have finished managing your building blocks, click the Close button in the Building Blocks Organizer dialogue box.

The Insert button from the Building Blocks Organizer allows you to insert the selected ...