Using a template from the website

You can only use these templates if you have an Internet connection.

Make sure that you are online.

Click the File tab then click New.

By default, Word suggests a number of templates available online.

If you have created custom templates, you will see the FEATURED and PERSONAL options: the FEATURED option, active by default, contains the templates available online suggested by Word by default, while the PERSONAL option contains custom templates (cf. heading above).

If none of the online templates suggested by default are right for you, depending on the template you’re looking for, perform one of the following operations:

  • Click one of the links associated with the Suggested searches option to show the list of templates of your chosen type: Business, Personal, Industry etc.

  • Click in the Search for online templates box, type keyword(s) to find the template you’re looking for, then press [Enter] to run the search.


In the example above, we have chosen to show calendar templates. On your right, you can see the various categories of calendar template and the number of templates per category.

Click one or more categories depending on the template you’re looking for.

Each chosen category appears at the top of the list of categories on a blue background.

In this example, the suggested templates match each of the chosen categories:


In addition, the search result also displays the templates found in other Office applications. In the example above, 7 templates are suggested for the Publisher application, ...