Creating footnotes and endnotes

Footnotes and endnotes are ways of adding explanations, comments and references relating to the main text of your document.

Place the insertion point just after the sentence or word you wish to annotate.

Click the References tab.

In the Footnotes group, click the Insert Footnote button to insert a footnote.

In the Footnotes group, click the Insert Endnote button to insert an endnote.

In Print Layout view (the default view), the insertion point appears at the bottom of the page (for a footnote), or on the last page of the document (for an endnote), above the footer.

In Draft view, the insertion point appears in the notes pane in the lower part of the window.

Enter the note content.

The text style applied to note contents is called "Footnote text" or "Endnote text"; the text style applied to the note markers is called "Footnote reference" or "Endnote reference".

Click in the workspace or click the images/13i03.png button to the right of the notes pane if you are in Draft view.


Go ahead and insert all the footnotes and/or endnotes in your document.

Notes are automatically numbered according to their place in the document.

To see the content of a note, point to the reference mark (without clicking). In Draft view, you can also use the notes pane (References tab - Footnotes group - Show Notes button).

Changing the position and/or the format of notes

If the changes are to apply to one section of the document, place the insertion point in one of the sections. ...