Managing the drawing gridlines

The drawing gridlines make it easier to draw and align objects in your document.

Showing/Hiding the drawing gridlines

To display the gridlines, go to Layout tab, go the Arrange group, click Align and then click the View Gridlines option.


The gridlines are only visible in the Print Layout mode. When drawing, moving, or resizing an object, it will snap to the gridlines.

To hide the gridlines, click again on the View Gridlines option (Layout tab - Align button).

The alignment guides cannot be active when the grid is displayed on screen, so showing the grid automatically deactivates the alignment guides; for more details about the alignment guides, see the following heading.

Changing the gridlines settings

In the Layout tab, go to the Arrange group, click Align then Grid Settings.

To change the space between the horizontal and/or vertical gridlines, specify the space values you want in the Horizontal spacing and Vertical spacing boxes.

By default, the drawing gridlines are displayed between the margins. To extend them to the document borders, uncheck the Use margins option.

To display the gridlines on screen, check the Display gridlines on screen option.

As the alignment guides cannot be used when the grid is displayed on screen, when you check the Display gridlines on screen option, the Display alignment guides option is automatically unchecked (if it was checked to start with, of course).

If only the horizontal lines should be displayed on the gridlines, uncheck the Vertical every option.

To change ...