Printing a document

Select the text you want to print.

Click the File tab and then click Print.

Select the printer you want to use in the Printer list.

By default, the Print All Pages option is selected in the printer settings.

Open the first list in the Settings area, then click the option corresponding to what you want to print:

Print All Pages

To print the document.

Print Selection

To print selected text.

Print Current Page

To print the page where the insertion point is.

Custom Print

to print only the Pages specified in the corresponding field. To print a series of consecutive pages, enter the number of the first page, a dash, then the number of the last page (e.g. to print pages 2 to 4, enter 2-4). If they are not consecutive pages, use semi-colons to separate their numbers (e.g. to print pages 2 and 4 enter 2;4).


If only the even pages or odd pages are to be printed, open the first list on the Settings area, then click the Only Print Odd Pages or Only Print Even Pages. To print odd and even pages again, click the option again to deactivate it.

In Copies, enter the number of copies to print, or select the number using the increment buttons.

If you wish to print the document on both sides of the paper, open the list under the Pages field (the Print One Sided option is selected by default) then click the Print on Both Sides option. Choose Manually Print on Both Sides if your printer does not support the automatic duplexing function. In this case, to print the back of the page, Word will ask you to remove the printed page ...