Saving an equation

You can save a custom-made equation in the gallery of pre-defined equations, so that it can be used at a later date.

Open the equation drop-down list then click Save as New Equation....

As an equation is a building block, the Create New Building Block dialogue box appears.

Specify the name of the equation in the Name box.

Make sure that the Equations option is selected in the Gallery list.

Open the Category list, then select one of the new categories that are suggested. Alternatively, you can click Create New Category to create a new category, enter the Name in the Create New Category dialogue box then click OK.

The pre-defined equations in the Equation drop-down list (from the Insert tab) are grouped by category.

You can type a description of the equation in the Description box.


If the active document is based on a template other than the Normal template, and you want to save the equation in that template, select its name in the Save in list: the new equation will only be available in documents based on that template.

Open the Options list then select one of the following options:

Insert content only: the equation is inserted at the cursor’s position.

Insert content in its own paragraph: the equation is inserted in a new paragraph: if the cursor is positioned in the middle of an existing paragraph, Word creates empty paragraphs.

Insert content in its own page: the equation is inserted on a new page. Word creates a page break before and after the equation.

Click OK to confirm the save.

When the equation ...