Accepting or rejecting changes

You can either accept or reject the changes visible in the document after merging.

If need be, unlock tracking: go to the Tracking group on the Review tab, open the list on the Track Changes button, then click Lock Tracking. Type the password if need be, then click OK.

Changes cannot be rejected or incorporated into the document if tracking is locked.

Place the cursor where you want to start reviewing the document.

Click the Review tab.

You can choose the way the revisions are displayed. To do this, go to the Tracking group, click the Display for Review images/13i156.png button, then click one of the proposed options.

Simple Markup

Word includes all changes to the document. Each change is indicated by a vertical line in the left margin. If comments are shown (cf. the heading Managing comments at the start of this chapter), you will see them in balloons next to the text; if comments are hidden, you will see a small balloon images/13i157.png to the side of the lines containing comments; click a balloon to show the corresponding comment.

All Markup

Word includes all changes to the document and shows all markup in the document. Comments can be seen in balloons next to the text.images/rien.png

Click the vertical line to switch from Simple Markup to All Markup and the other way round.

No Markup

Word includes all changes to the document and hides all markup and comments.images/rien.png


You see the document’s content before any changes were made; markup and comments are hidden.images/rien.png

If you chose to show all changes to the document, you can change the way the markup is displayed: ...