Editing WordArt

Select the WordArt object by clicking its border.

If needed, click the Format tab.


To change the WordArt text, click directly in the text object at the location you want, and then edit it.

To change the character layout (font, size, colour…), select the WordArt object if the whole object is to be modified or, if only a part of the text should be edited, select it with a click and drag. Then do as you would with any other text (cf. Characters chapter).

To change the text direction, go to Text group, click the Text Direction button and then click the requested direction option.

To change the vertical text alignment, go to Format tab, click the Align Text button and then click the requested alignment option.

To change the style applied to a WordArt object, go to WordArt Styles group to display the quick styles gallery, click More images/13iac33.png and then click the style you want.

To apply a text effect to the WordArt object, go to WordArt Styles group, click Text Effects images/13i109.png, point at text effect option you want and then click the text effect to apply. If no predefined Word text effect satisfies you, you can click the "text effect" Options (for example Shadow Options) to create your own custom text effect (most of these text effects can be applied to a standard text too; for more details, check the corresponding title in the Characters chapter).


The Transform text effect can change the shape of the text. Above, you can see how the Fade Up warp effect has been applied to the WordArt object text.

If you have ...