Sorting a table

Select all the items in the table that need sorting. If you want to sort the whole table, just click inside it.

From the Table Tools - Layout tab, go to the Data group and click the Sort button.

Note that you can perform a sort according to three different criteria.

If the first row of your selection has column headings, and you want to exclude it from the sort, click Header row in the My list has frame. Otherwise, click No header row.

In the Sort by list, choose the header or the column number to sort by.

In the Type list box, choose what sort of data you are sorting: Text, Number or Date (for data showing at least the day and month or the month and year).

Specify if the sort is to be done in Ascending or Descending order.

If several cells of the column used for the sort contain the same information, choose a secondary sort column in the Then by list box.


If required, choose a third sort criterion in the Then by list.

When you have chosen all the sort criteria, click OK.

If you are not satisfied with the new order of the data, use the images/13i11.png tool button to restore the original order.