Changing an object’s wrapping

You can change the way text wraps around an object. By default, an object is inserted at the cursor and its wrapping style is In Line with Text as it is treated as a charracter.

First method

This very quick method cannot be used to change the options relating to the chosen text wrapping style.

Select the object.

Click the Layout Options icon images/13i124.png at the top right of the object.

The LAYOUT OPTIONS pane appears on the screen.


From the With Text Wrapping area, click the icon corresponding to the wrapping style you want: Square, Tight, Through Top and Bottom, Behind Text or In Front of Text.

The wrapping style of your choice is applied to the object.

Click the images/13i03.png tool in the LAYOUT OPTIONS pane to close it, or press [Esc].

You can find the text wrapping options in the Wrap Text list on the Format tab (Arrange group).

Second method

You can use this method to set up the wrapping options more precisely.

Select the relevant object.

On the Format tab, go to the Arrange group and click the Text Wrap button, then click More Layout Options.

You can also click the Layout Options icon images/13i124.png at the top right of the selected object, click the See more link then click the Text Wrapping tab.

Choose a Wrapping style from the list.

In the Wrap text frame, indicate how the text should be distributed in relation to the object by activating one of the following options: Both sides, Left only, Right only, or Largest only (to place the text around the side of the object where there is most space).

These options are only available ...