Creating an equation

If none of the pre-defined equations suits you, you can write your own using the mathematical structures and symbols from the Equations Tools contextual tool.

Place the insertion point at the place where you want to write the equation.

From the Insert tab, go to the Symbols group and click Equation.

The Design tab associated with the contextual tool Equations Tools is selected in the ribbon.

The tools in the Structures and Symbols groups are used to create equations.


To insert a mathematical structure, in the Structures group, click the type of structure you want (Fraction, Script, Radical, etc.) then click the structure to insert.

To insert a mathematical symbol, go to the Symbols group and open the list of symbols by clicking the More button arrow images/13iac33.png underneath the symbol gallery’s scroll arrows. If the current set of symbols (by default Basic Math) is not suitable, choose another one. To do this, click the name of the symbol set at the top of the gallery, then click the option corresponding to the symbol set to display: the matching symbols appear in the gallery. Click a symbol to insert it.


If the structure contains placeholders (images/irb138.png), click inside then enter the numbers or symbols required.