Applying an outline to characters

Select the text.

In the Home tab, click the images/13i10.png button in the Font group, then click the Text Effects button.

Click Text Outline to show the text outline options.

Depending on the type of line you want, select either Solid line or Gradient line. The option No line will delete the character outline.

The options vary according to the type of line you select. Here you see the settings for the Solid line option.


If you have applied a solid line, define its colour and transparency using the Color and Transparency lists.

If you have chosen to apply a gradient line, define the gradient options as you would apply a gradient to characters (see the previous heading Applying a gradient to characters).

The options described below can be used to change the outline style; these options are the same for a solid line or a gradient line.

Change the weight of the line by defining a value in the Width box.

If you want to apply a double or triple border, select it in the Compound type list.

To choose a dotted line, select it in the Dash type list.

To choose a cap, choose an option from the Cap type list.

To change the style of join, select options from the Join type list.

When the outline options have been defined, click the OK button in the Format Text Effects dialogue box, then click OK in the Font dialogue box.

You can also choose the weight of an outline or dotted border from the options on the Text Effects and Typography images/13iac16.png button (Home tab - Font group - images/13iac16.png tool - Outline); the No Outline option ...