Saving a document in PDF or XPS format

PDF and XPS are file formats that allow you to send documents electronically (by e-mail). These formats keep the same font, images, graphics and layout as the original document. A user can display, share and print PDF documents with Acrobat Reader software (available for free on the Adobe website), and XPS files with Microsoft .NET Framework software (also available for free from the Microsoft website). However, if you are working in the Windows 8 or 10 environment, you can use the Reader to open PDF and XPS files, as well as the XPS Viewer to open XPS files.

If you only want to save part of the document in PDF or XPS format, select the relevant text.

Click the File tab then Export.

Click the Create PDF/XPS Document then click Create PDF/XPS.

You have the option to change the file location and the File name in the relevant area.

Open the Save as type list and, depending on the type of document you want to create, choose either PDF or XPS Document.


Check the option Open file after publishing if you want to open the file (PDF or XPS) immediately after saving it.

Choose one of the options under Optimize for:

Standard (publishing online and printing)

for a high quality print version of the document: the document is bigger in size.

Minimum size (publishing online)

if the file is not going to be printed; the file size is reduced.

You can change the settings for the PDF or XPS format by clicking the Options button.


This image shows the options relating to a PDF document. The same options appear ...