Carrying on reading a document

You can now carry on reading a document from where you left off when you closed it. In fact, Word remembers the content of the document that was visible on the screen when you closed it, and asks you if you want to go back to this content when you open it again.

Open the relevant document.


When you open the document, a screentip appears to the right of the application.

If you don’t point to this screentip with your mouse, it is displayed for around five seconds before being replaced by the images/13i29.png symbol.

If necessary, show the screentip again by pointing to the images/13i29.png symbol.


The screentip shows you how long it was since you last closed the document. It can be A few seconds ago if less than 1 minute has elapsed, a number of minutes if between 1 and 60 minutes have elapsed (40 minutes ago), a number of hours if between 1 and 10 hours have elapsed (3 hours ago), Yesterday if the document was closed the day before, the day when it was closed if between 1 and 7 days have elapsed (Wednesday), or the date when it was closed if more than 7 days have elapsed (21 November 2012).

In addition, if the place to go to is part of a heading (text to which a style has been applied), the relevant text is shown in the screentip.

To go to the place where you left off when you closed the document, click the screentip.

The insertion point is positioned at the place where you left off. The screentip disappears along with the images/13i29.png symbol.

If you move around within a document before clicking the screentip, it disappears completely and you will not be able to go back ...