Creating a multilevel list

A multilevel list shows the bullet or numbering list at different levels, with each level moving to the right of the previous level. In a multilevel list, each level has a different style of bullet or numbering.


Enter the paragraphs you want in your multilevel list, giving each one a different level: to move a paragraph down a level, click at the start of the text then click the [Tab] key; if you click the [Tab] key again you will move it down two levels, etc. To go back to the previous level, press the [Backspace] key.

You can also define or change paragraph levels after creating the list.

Select the paragraphs that are to go into the multi-level list and open the list on the images/13iac20.png tool button.

Several list styles are available.


If any open documents contain multi-level lists, you will see them reflected under Current List.

If a list style has been created for your document (cf. Styles and styles set), you will see it under List Styles.

Click one of the styles, except those that have the expression Heading.


To change the paragraph, click one of the relevant paragraphs, open the list on the images/13iac21.png tool button, point to the Change List Level, then click the list level you want.

To change the paragraph list level, place the cursor in front of the paragraph text, then press the [Tab] key to move down one level, or [Shift][Tab] to move up one level.
You can still apply several levels to a list that has been created from one level. For each paragraph, click in the paragraph and open either the images/13iac19.png list or the images/13iac20.png list, point to Change List Level then ...