Defining content control properties

Some properties are common to all content controls, while others differ according to the type of content control you insert.

Text content control properties

Select the Developer tab.

Click the text content control, go to the Controls group and click the Properties button.


If you wish, choose a title for the control in the Title box; it appears above the control when the control is selected.

If you wish, assign a name to the control tags, visible at each end of the control.

Choose how you want to display the control by selecting an option from the Show as list:

Bounding Box

The control is surrounded by a box when active; this option is selected by default.

Start/End Tag

A tag appears at the start and end of the control. These tags can be seen when the control is active and also when it is inactive; these are the same tags that you see when Design mode is active.


No boxes or tags will be displayed, whether the control is active or not.

You can change the colour of the control by using the Color list.

The new colour will be applied to the frame or tags at the start and end of the control, depending on how you chose to display it (cf. previous paragraph).

If you want to use a style to format the contents you type in, check the Use a style to format text typed into the empty control option, then select a style from the Style list. You can also create a new style by clicking the New Style button.

The style is applied to the text when the form is used.

If you want the control to be removed ...