Drawing a shape

Every drawn shape is a drawn object.

From the Insert tab, go to the Illustrations group, and then click Shapes. You can also insert a shape in your document using the Insert Shapes group on the contextual Format tab.

Word has many predefined shapes.


Predefined shapes are arranged by category. Shapes you have recently used are at the top of the Recently Used Shapes list.

Click the shape you want to draw.

Drag the pointer to draw the shape.

As soon as you release the mouse button, the shape appears in your document and the contextual Format tab is displayed.

Note the Layout Options icon images/13i124.png which appears at the top right of the selected object. This icon contains options which will enable you to quickly modify the way the text is arranged around the object; for more details, please refer to the headings Positioning an object and Changing an object’s wrapping in the Managing objects chapter.

To draw a shape from its centre rather than from its edge, hold down the [Ctrl] key while you draw.

You can create your drawing with the drawing canvas area provided by Word. The objects you create there can be organised in the document more easily and their alignment and/or spacing can be defined in relation to the drawing canvas. To insert a drawing canvas, go to the Insert tab, click the Shapes button, and then click New Drawing Canvas. Select your shape from the Insert Shapes group in the Format tab.

To draw a square or a circle, use the rectangle or oval tool and hold down the [Shift] key as you draw. To draw a rectangle/square, or oval/circle ...