Inserting an image from a file

Place the cursor where you want to insert the image.

From the Insert tab, go to Illustrations and click the Pictures button.

Select the folder containing the image to insert, then select the image file.


Open the list at the Insert button then choose one of the following options:

Insert: to add the image to the document. The image is embedded in the file. There is no link between the original image and the inserted image.

Link to File: to insert the image into the document and maintain the link with the original file. With this option, although the image appears in the document, the document does not contain the image itself, but only a link indicating where the image is located. If you rename, delete, or move the image file, the link is broken and when you next open Word, you will see an error message instead of an image.

Insert and Link: this option is a combination of the other two; it adds the image to the document while maintaining the link with the original file. If you rename, delete or move the image file, the link is broken but the image remains in your document.

The image is highlighted and the contextual Format tab is active in the Ribbon.

If you need to add the image to the document, you can double-click the image file in the Insert Picture dialogue box.

If you chose to add a link to the original image, the image will be updated automatically when you start Word. However, if you want to update the image without closing Word and opening it again, select the image and then press [F9].

To replace an image with another ...