Creating a style

A style contains character, paragraph and/or table formatting properties. Creating a style saves these presentations so you can apply them easily to any document. Styles are saved with a document or in a template.

First method

Creating a style based on existing document formatting. With this technique you cannot create character, paragraph or table styles, only a linked style which regroups character and paragraph formatting. This style will be added to the Styles Gallery in the Home tab.

Open the relevant document or template, depending on what you are creating the style for (cf. Templates - Changing the template associated with a document).

Carry out the formatting which is to be included in the style.

Go to the Home tab and click the More images/13iac33.png button in the Styles group, then Create a Style.

The Create New Style from Formatting dialogue box appears on the screen.

You can see a preview of the style formatting.


Specify the style name in the Name box.

Click OK.

In this example the new style, named Gold title, appears in the Styles Gallery and is immediately applied to the current paragraph.

To create a style based on existing formatting, you can also display the Styles pane (Home tab - Styles group - images/13i10.png tool button) then click the New Style button images/13i64.png. Enter the style name in the Name box, and if required, change the style type in the Style type list, then click OK.

Second method

You can create a style by defining the different formatting options in the Create New Style from Formatting dialogue box.

If you are only creating ...