Setting a condition for displaying text

You can set a condition so that a particular text item is displayed depending on the outcome.

Open the main document, and if necessary, display the Mailings tab.

Place the cursor where the text is to be printed.

Go to the Write & Insert Fields group, click the Rules button then click the If... Then... Else... option.

Enter your condition using the Field name, Comparison and Compare to lists.

In the Insert this text box, enter the text which will be printed if the condition is satisfied.

Then use the Otherwise insert this text box to enter a text which will be printed if the condition is not satisfied.

You cannot format the text entered in the Insert this text or Otherwise insert this text boxes: this must be performed in the main document.

In this example, if the Title field contains the entry Mrs, the text My Dear will appear in the letter, but if the title is different, then Dear will appear.


Click OK.

If the field code display is no longer active, display the codes by pressing [Alt][F9].

For example, {IF{MERGEFIELD Title} = "My Dear" "Dear"}.

The [Alt][F9] keyboard shortcut also allows you to hide the field codes.