PowerPoint 2013 (E/E) :Text in English with the English version of the software

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This practical guide to Microsoft® PowerPoint 2013 provides a detailed description of all its functions and features. It is aimed at anyone meeting it for the first time, or who wants to learn more about what it can do. After becoming familiar the working environment and the various views, you will learn how to create and manage documents (opening and saving presentations and templates, sharing and saving to SkyDrive, creating photo albums, printing etc.). You will also learn how to create and manage presentation elements (slides, slide masters, themes, backgrounds, sections and so on).

Moving on, you will learn how to set up the content of each slide by entering outline text and slide-specific text, going on to adjust the formatting. You will then learn how to create, adjust and format all kinds of objects: automatic layouts, tables, pictures, audio, video, diagrams and charts. You will use the new video editing features: adding, cropping, applying artistic effects, trimming the start or the end of the video etc... You will also learn how to correct images (artistic effects, special shaped borders, reflections, colour corrections, compression etc.).

You can then run your first slideshow and include animation effects, comments, automatic slide timings, and save your presentation as a video so you can re-use the show in other presentations or share it with colleagues, friends and family on DailyMotion or Youtube. The final part concentrates on advanced functions such as using hyperlinks, sharing, publishing and reviewing a presentation, customising the ribbon, managing your user account and working with other Office applications.

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