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Word 2019 and Office 365 versions (E/E): Text in English with the English version of the software

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This practical guide provides a detailed introduction to all the word processing functions available in Microsoft® Word. It has been written using the 2019 version of Word and includes the new features and differences with the version of Word supplied with Office 365. It is aimed at anyone who wants to explore and familiarise themselves with all its features.

Following a description of the work environment and the new display features, you will learn how to create and save documents to your computer, a network or OneDrive, the online storage service provided by Microsoft. You will also learn how to edit a PDF file in Word itself.

Next you will see how to enter and edit text, create and use automatic entries and equations, insert fields, paginate a document and print it.

The following section explains in detail how to format the text using font formatting, paragraph and page layouts. To optimise formatting, you will learn how to apply a theme to the document, and how to create styles and templates. You will then explore more advanced text management features, using search and replace functions, the spell checker, thesaurus and translation functions.

In the next section, devoted to working with long documents, you will find out how to create notes and bookmarks, an outline, a table of contents, an index, a bibliography and a master document.

A Word document can contain items other than text: tables, graphic objects and images, to which you can apply numerous artistic effects. There are also 3D Models and videos which you can view in Word itself.

You will also find out how to create a form, perform a mail merge, import data from Excel, and work with others on the same document using tracked changes and co-authoring. You can customise the user interface, manage User accounts and write macros.


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  • Nombre de pages 380 pages
  • Parution novembre 2020
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    • ISBN : 978-2-409-02233-3
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    • Ref. ENI : ME19WOR
  • Niveau Initié à Confirmé
  • Parution novembre 2020
    • HTML
    • ISBN : 978-2-409-02134-3
    • EAN : 9782409021343
    • Ref. ENI : LNME19WOR